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Best Franchise In Canada – Change Your Life With C-Lovers And Own An Exceptional Restaurant Franchise

Founded 1984, C-Lovers Fish & Chips has a history in British Columbia. We offer superior food quality, extraordinary down-to-earth service, and prices that represent exceptional value for our guests.

“At C-Lovers we are dedicated to making our customer’s experience like no other. With many franchise opportunities in Canada, we know you have choices. I encourage you to research and learn more about C-Lovers to see if we are a good fit for you.”  Brad MacLeod, C-Lovers Fish & Chips Franchise Owner

Fish & Chips Restaurant – Franchise Opportunities Canada FAQ

Franchise Opportunities CanadaWhat Is A Franchise?

While you may have heard of franchising, do you know what it means to be a Franchise Owner? Learn about some of the more common definitions

Why Own A C-Lovers Franchise?

Do you love Fish & Chips? Can you see yourself or your business partner owning and operating a C-Lovers Fish and Chips Restaurant? If you are interested in learning more about restaurant franchise opportunities in Canada or if you are ready to own your own business close to home, contact us for more information to get started.

Why Own A Franchise?

Owning a franchise is a big deal. We look at the advantages to owning a franchise and why franchises make sense. At C‑Lovers, you can be your own boss with one of the best Canadian franchises for new business owners.

Can I Make Money Owning A Franchise?

Absolutely! Don’t take our word for it! Let us put you in touch with one of our franchisees and show you how we can work together to grow your business.

C-Lovers Franchise Opportunities In Canada

The following is a sampling of our current opportunities in BC and Alberta. If you don’t see a location on the list, get in touch with us. Check out our C-Lovers locations page to see our current restaurants. Is there a location close to you? We may also have Franchises For Sale.

About C-Lovers Franchise Opportunities BC

Franchise locations are available in Western Canada for motivated entrepreneurs who are interested in owning a restaurant franchise. We currently have 11 restaurants operating in British Columbia and more franchise locations opening soon. Interested in Franchise Opportunities in BC?

BC Franchise Opportunities

If you are interested in other C-Lovers Fish & Chips franchise locations that are not listed here, please contact us for more information.

New Restaurant Franchisees Wanted for Calgary, Alberta

Expansion into Alberta is a priority for 2019/2020. C-Lovers Franchise Canada is looking for individuals or partners who are interested in opening a franchise in Calgary, Lethbridge, or the surrounding areas. If you have been exploring franchise opportunities, contact us to find out why now is the right time to open a fish and chips franchise in your neighborhood. Interested in Franchise Opportunities in Alberta?

Alberta Franchise Opportunities

Minimum Qualifications For Franchise Owner

What are we looking for in a franchisee? Find out what it takes to open a C-Lovers Fish & Chips Franchise in Canada.

Do You Have a Restaurant Location For Us?

Do you know of the perfect location for a new C-Lovers Fish & Chips restaurant? We have franchise opportunities Canada! We are always on the hunt for the perfect restaurant site.

C-Lovers Fish and Chips Franchise Canada is expanding into markets of all sizes in Canada. If you are interested in owning your own franchise and have the perfect location, learn more about the ideal site requirements.

Next Steps:

  1. Start the application process.
  2. Speak to a representative from the C-Lovers Franchise Canada team to discuss Franchise opportunities (Any franchise offer is made after a Franchise Disclosure Document has been reviewed)
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