C-Lovers Fish & Chips Franchise

Franchise Application Process

We believe franchises should not be sold, but awarded. Tremendous care is taken to ensure a good fit with both the candidate’s goals and ours.

The following outlines the various stages to owning your very own C-Lovers’ Franchise:

1. Initial Research & Inquiry:

Take some time to research what it means to own a franchise and how C-Lovers is different. Reach out to us with any questions you may have about owning a franchise.

2. Phone Meeting:

Favorable candidates are invited to participate in an interview over the phone. You will be assessed for key success attributes and fit within the C-Lovers culture and vision

3. Confidential Qualification Form:

Are you ready to be considered for a C-Lovers Franchise? Candidates showing an initial fit with the C-Lovers vision for growth are asked to apply to become a franchise owner.

4. Review/ Projections:

If we decide to move forward, you are encouraged to talk to existing franchisees to learn of their direct experience. We will also provide you with a template in order to develop cash-flow projections specific to your location and market.

5. Discovery Day:

At this meeting you have the opportunity to meet the C-Lover’s management team at one of our corporate stores. You will be provided with an overview of the complete C-Lovers system. You will also be given the unique opportunity to observe a C-Lovers location in action. During this time, the candidate gets to observe the operations first hand. C-Lovers management has a final opportunity to evaluate the candidate in a working environment.

6. Application:

Qualified candidates are invited to make application. The individual is asked to examine the document thoroughly and to have a franchise lawyer review it to ensure that the candidate is capable of fulfilling its requirements.

7. Celebration Day:

Congratulations! The franchise agreement is signed and the candidate is awarded a C-Lovers franchise license. You have become an important part of the C-Lovers vision for growth.

C-Lovers believes that the key to success in franchising starts with finding the right people, and then providing the proper training and support.

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