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Franchise Ownership

Lease Details For The New C-Lovers Restaurant

C-Lovers require that you operate out of a retail or commercial location. We will assist you in finding the right location that matches our site criteria. Due to these circumstances, you will have to enter into a head lease agreement. It is important that you understand the agreement and contractual relationship that you are entering into…

Steps To Opening A Restaurant Franchise

You have been granted a franchise. It is an exciting day as you sign papers and begin looking forward to a promising future. The next morning, however, the excitement has diminished—now what? Starting a new restaurant, even within a proven franchise system, requires a lot of work. While it may be months before you open for business, there are still many tasks to be accomplished before that day comes. The good news is you are not alone…

Finding A Franchise: How to search for franchise opportunities

The process of acquiring a franchise can be quite extensive but is also very exciting. So where is one to start when they are looking to own a franchise in Alberta? What if you’re looking to buy in British Columbia? The first step to owning a franchise, regardless of location, is research…

The 7 Steps To Franchise Ownership – Buying a Franchise

Follow this 7 step application process and you will be on your way to buying a franchise. Once you have completed your research and determined which restaurant franchise you would like to own, it is time to apply. In certain cases you may have inadvertently already started the application process…